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CNY & Sonata of Love Reminders!


This Friday, Feb. 1st,  is a half-day featuring mass, then the CNY party!  Dismissal is at 11:30. Please return the ticket stub with the number of tickets you need and the $100NT per ticket to the office, it will greatly help to know how many people to expect for chairs and food!Friday, Feb. 15th (the day of the Sonata of Love Concert) is a half-day with dismissal at 11:30am.

First fold, then play, and finally, evaluate!

This morning we enjoyed some fun with transition words. We made transition word wheels and Transition Cootie Catchers, all the while practicing how to use transition words correctly.  

We will miss Ms.C!

Our beloved student teacher, Ms.C taught one final lesson on the Present Perfect Verb tense before we took this picture. Then, we headed downstairs to take a picture with the Grade 2 class, since they also had the opportunity to learn from her.  We are all so grateful she was part of our classrooms the past four months! We will miss her a LOT!

Writing Adventure stories!

Today we spent one ELA period utilizing what we know about adventure stories to create a comic strip rough draft.  In the computer lab we will use Adobe Photoshop to publish our comics so everyone can read them!

看这群小朋友用杯子敲出儿时的《稻香》Chinese New Year Song to practice!

IMPORTANT CNY Festival info!


  Dominican International School Kaohsiung 高雄巿私立道明外僑學校
107 Chung Hua 1st Road Kaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C.  804 Tel: (07) 552-3989    
Fax: (07) 553-7397 Web: Dear Parents,
Due to time demands we have decided to cancel the Chinese New Year Festival performance (Friday, February 1st) and incorporate these performanceswith our February fundraiser, “Sonata of Love” on Friday, February 15th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.  This change will allow more practice time for our students and they will be able to showcase an amazing performance during the fundraiser.
On the school calendar, the Chinese New Year Festival performance (Friday, February 1st) will be replaced with a Chinese New Year Party for the students.  Students will perform all the dances/songs they have been practicing but there will be no costumes.  Parents may attend but it will not be a show. It will be a relaxed,

Fractions in Action

Our lovely student teacher lead us through some fun, hands-on mixed number addition and subtraction involving orange juice, brownies, and pizza!

Cooperation, Competition, and Limiting Factors in Ecosystems

During science today we used legos to represent an ecosystem's resources and played a four-round enactment of how ecosystems work.
Round 1: Students explored the effect of limiting factors on an ecosystem (when the resources run out, it's!).

Round 2: Students competed to get the most resources and saw how competition affected others. Round 3: Students cooperated with one another to achieve a group goal. Round 4: Students saw how territorial imperatives (some areas have better resources and they need to be competed for or defended) affected an ecosystem.

Cutest Forest Ecosystem EVER!

We focused on vocabulary words related to ecosystems, and students chose to be part of the ecosystem in whatever way they wanted.  I think it turned out super cute!

Mummified Apples!

Today we had the opportunity to be peer mentors to the K2 Class at DISK.  We uncovered our mummified apples from last quarter, and the kids all had a blast looking at the apples with magnifying glasses.  Then we played a game about producers, consumers, and decomposers. 

Chinese New Year Practice

We are practicing hard to prepare for Chinese New Year!