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Merry Christmas!

Carol of the Bells singers amazed everyone at DISK!!!!

Practicing the Tenses...

Helping & Playing!

Today Grade 5 voluntarily helped get the auditorium ready for the Christmas Showcase, then had some spare time to play basketball :-)

VIP Meeting

Please accept our apology for the change to the VIP Meeting.  It is our intent that the new schedule time and date will allow for more parents’ participation.
You are cordially invited to attend the first DIS, Kaohsiung VIP MEETING with the Directress onDecember 18 at 3:30. This initial meeting will allow for a review of the plans and direction to be established by the VIP representatives.
Remember to confirm your intent to attend the Initial Kaohsiung VIP meeting and tea with Director by December 14, 2018. This meeting is chaired by Sister Zenaida Ancheta O.P. Directress/Principal of DIS, Kaohsiung, and DIS, Taipei.

Canopic Jars

Mummifying an Apple

Ancient Egyptians preserved the bodies of their dead, so we decided to try a similar technique using apples instead of humans.  We cut up an apple into 12 pieces and placed one in each cup.  Here is what the labels read:

control (apple in the cup with nothing on it)control with paper (apple wrapped in paper towel and placed in a cup)apple in saltapple wrapped in paper towel and then placed in saltapple in sugar  apple wrapped in paper towel and then placed in sugarapple in baking sodaapple wrapped in paper towel and then placed in baking sodaapple in flourapple wrapped in paper towel and then placed in flourapple in corn starchapple wrapped in paper towel and then placed in corn starch After ensuring our apples were completely covered and labeled, we placed them in a cupboard in the classroom.  Which combination do you think will preserve an apple the best?