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Shots & Upcoming Exams

Students who opted to get the flu shot today should have a pink form from the nurse to show you!

Also, exams are next week!  Attached is the exam schedule :-)

Past Tense Fun

Practicing answering questions in the simple past tense by using a game with dice...

Storyboard That

Today Ms.Crescenti taught us how to use Storyboard That and we made comic strips about Ancient Egypt!

Flu Shots Postponed!

The Taiwan Department of Health informed DISK that we must postpone our flu shots. Therefore, students will NOT be given flu shots this coming Friday, Nov.16th.When the shots are rescheduled, I will let you know!

Subjective and Objective Pronouns

Today we played a game about subjective and objective pronouns :-) 

Painting Maps!

Today we finally had the opportunity to paint our maps and begin labeling them.  They turned out a MILLION times better than I expected! Way to go, Grade 5!