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Drying Maps

Today we inspected our maps, and they aren't quite dry enough to paint..we will have to do that on Friday!  We had plenty of time to practice the simple tense and present progressive, instead! :-)

Ancient Civilizations Salt Dough Maps

Today we started our Ancient Civilizations Salt Dough Maps!

Students traced their maps, made the dough, and formed the dough into the shape of the specific ancient civilization that they chose.  We are currently studying about Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent, so one group worked on that map.  Other groups focused on the Indus River Valley (India), the Nile River Valley (Egypt), and the Yellow River Valley (China). 

The salt dough recipe we used:

2 cups of flour1 cup of salt1 cup of water (give or take)

All Saints Day!

We celebrated All Saints Day with a costume parade and trick-or-treating around DISK, then split into house groups for a fun scavenger hunt. Great participation, everyone!

Words Their Way

Words Their Way is a phonics and spelling program that is individualized for each student.  The ELL students complete this program during ELL with Mr.Sandlian.  Although it may appear the words are too simple for them, the main point is to recognize patterns in the spelling and pronunciation of words to increase fluency and spelling abilities.  The program has many positive reviews and I have seen the difference in students noticing things about spelling! Keep up the good work, Grade 5!

Working Hard...

Dodoesdid, Amareis,Waswere...

Unbeknownst to them, the Grade 5 class was renamed according to the HELPER VERBS.  I asked students to decorate the faceless creature, and then surprised them by adding their photos! :-)  May I present to you: Hashavehad Amareis Bebeingbeen Maymustmight Shallwillcan Dodoesdid Waswere Shouldwouldcould

Molecule Making

Today we made molecules using the HONC rules! It took some strategy and trial and error, but everyone did a fabulous job!

Sentences & Atoms

Back to basics! We are going to be sentence masters by the end of the year, so we started by reviewing simple and complete subject and predicate.  There were some very interesting sentences formed during this activity! Lots of laughter and fun :-)

During science we completed our 3D atom models, drew a labeled diagram in our notebooks, and hung up the atoms for all to see!

3-Dimensional Atom Exploration

Today we went deeper in our study on matter and learned that matter is made up of smaller particles called atoms.  After reviewing the parts of an atom and  the five main models of atoms, the students formed small groups and used the provided materials to create a 3D atom.  We ran out of time to complete them, so I will post the final models tomorrow!