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Mixtures, Solutions & Density

What happens when you add oil to water? Is it a mixture or solution? What if we added food coloring to the oil and pushed the drops down through the oil to hit the water?  Or if we mix all of the listed ingredients?  

Showcase Success!

Today the Grade 4,5, and 6 students did a fabulous job presenting Dominican News Broadcasting as reporters and interviewees.  Everyone said their lines with confidence and used enthusiasm. Great job, Grade 5! I'll post more pictures when I get them from the school camera :-)

Fire Department Visit!

Today some local firefighters presented CPR, How to Escape a Fire, and Home Safety.  Below are some pictures!
Getting ready for the stations to begin!

Home Safety: What do do in an earthquake!
Realistic "smoke" filled the classroom, so students had to stay low and escape the room! In addition, they saved Mr.Sandlian from the fire!

CPR instructions!
Q&A Time...Thank you firefighters!

Practicing for Showcase!

We're busy getting ready for Showcase on Friday!  The students are working hard on their lines :-)

Scholastic Book Orders

Dominican School Scholastic Book Club Ordering online is fast, easy, and secure.
Go to to browse the latest books and order online(No need to login just click the Book Level (Mimi, XD or TEEN ).

Reminder: Mass is tomorrow! Wear Formal Uniforms & Bring Casual Friday clothes!

Friendly reminder that tomorrow is our September Mass in the morning. Students need to wear their formal uniforms (see picture below)  and can bring a change of clothes that are casual.  After mass, students may change into their casual clothing since it's Casual Friday (2nd Friday of every month). 

Monday Assembly: Spiritual

Today the Grade 5 students bravely lead the entire school in learning about the Red Spiritual "S" in our STARS acronym.  Spiritual means we are OPEN-MINDED,  TOLERANT and GRATEFUL! :-)

Upper Elementary & Middle School Showcase on Friday, September 21st at 2:45-3:30pm!

Congratulations Student Council!!

Congratulations to our new Student Council Secretaries and our class leader! :-)