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Airplane Investigation!

Today we carried out the Airplane Investigation that we designed last Monday.  Students voted to use the independent variable of paper type, so we gathered cardstock, A4 paper, construction paper, and tinfoil and made a lot of airplanes.  After testing them out, we decided to test just cardstock, A4, and tinfoil.  Since the classroom next door is being used for storage and mostly empty, we used it as our science laboratory (this was an excellent idea from the students, since the only way to control the variable of wind was to turn off the AC and fans, and close the windows!).  Paper-Rock-Scissors determined who would be our delegated "thrower" and the rest of the students took on other important roles such as data collectors and distance calculators. 


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What a fabulous first day of school! I am so happy to meet all of you! :-)  Below is a copy of the Welcome Letter that I sent home today.  There's no homework except for the parents to please tell me about their child and send me email and contact information!  Have a great evening!

Dear Parents and Students, WELCOME TO GRADE FIVE!  My name is Kathleen Overland (everyone calls me Kathe), and I am very excited about this coming school year.   Here’s a little bit about me: I’m from the USA and grew up in Washington State. I’ve lived in Taiwan with my husband and two kids since January 2017.  I’m passionate about teaching kids how to be lifelong learners that will use their knowledge to make the world a better place. My own educational journey includes my teaching credentials and Masters in Education from the University of Washington.  As for teaching experience, I’ve had the privilege of teaching at both public and private schools in a variety of grades. I look forward to getting t…

We will miss Ms.C!

Our beloved student teacher, Ms.C taught one final lesson on the Present Perfect Verb tense before we took this picture. Then, we headed downstairs to take a picture with the Grade 2 class, since they also had the opportunity to learn from her.  We are all so grateful she was part of our classrooms the past four months! We will miss her a LOT!

Reminder: Mass is tomorrow! Wear Formal Uniforms & Bring Casual Friday clothes!

Friendly reminder that tomorrow is our September Mass in the morning. Students need to wear their formal uniforms (see picture below)  and can bring a change of clothes that are casual.  After mass, students may change into their casual clothing since it's Casual Friday (2nd Friday of every month).