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Marble Mover Success

Success! All of our Gravity Powered Marble Movers WORKED! The winning teach had 125 points, way to go!

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Parachute Problem

We used the Engineering Process to solve the following problem:  Our LEGO person needed to land on the target safely as slowly as possible.

First, we defined the problem and did research on parachutes as homework.  We also drew a picture of the Parachute System and identified the function of its parts.

Second, we defined success and contraints of the investigation. 

Third, each student drew at least one possible prototype on paper, complete with labels and what materials would be used.  Partners then decided which prototype to build.

And then the fun REALLY began! Students used the materials in a variety of ways. Without prompting, they tested their parachutes as they went. 

Testing the parachute lead to identification of failure points and finding creative ways to improve the design. 

Finally, we all watched as each parachute was tested three times!

These are pictures of the OFFICIAL parachute testing. Each team tested their 4 times.  Very few landed on the target, but they did manag…


Hello everyone, As we come into summer please remember to bring sun protection (hat/sunscreen/sunglasses if you have sensitive eyes) to PE because we will be outside for some of the time and it will be getting hot again soon. Please also remember to bring water bottles so you can hydrate after we exercise.  Thank you! Mr. McKeen

Gravity powered marble movers

Grade 5 engineers used their creativity and knowledge of gravity to create a "Gravity Powered Marble Mover." 

Teams worked together to use the limited resources (each team had the same ones) to achieve the goal of getting a marble from the top to the bottom cup without assistance...WHILE earning the most points possible!

Students took the design process very seriously!

Before we began, everyone had to submit a proposal with the goal, materials, limitations, research and a drawing of the model.

Lots of laughter and fun as marbles rolled around the room! I can't wait to test them out on Monday!

Types of forces

Science and Sports Day!!!

I had the opportunity to run the Center of Gravity station and it was a blast watching students explore!

Change Your Words, Change your Mindset

Each of us is in control of his/her own mindset!  Only YOU can choose to change your words and change your mindset to a GROWTH MINDSET!  We only have 33 days of school left, let's make them amazing!